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Constitution of Evangelical Students Magill
  1. < >< >Objectives or purpose of the club
The objectives of the club are:
  1. To help students understand the Christian faith in order to strengthen their relationships with one another;
  2. To stimulate an informed interest in Christianity and to encourage each member to view their life from this perspective whatever their vocation;
  3. To strengthen Christian students to make them more effective members of their own churches; and
  4. To pray for other students.
  5. < >Members may join as long as they complete any membership forms, pay any subscription or membership fees, or any other requirements that have been approved by the Executive Committee.
  6. Members are required to be a University of South Australia student or an Associate Member of USASA.
  7. University of South Australia students shall comprise two-thirds (2/3) of the membership of the Evangelical Students Magill Club. To verify this, the Club shall register all members on USASA club database.
  1. A member may resign from membership of the Club at any time. Any resigning member shall be liable for any outstanding subscriptions which may be recovered as a debt due to the Club.
  1. Expulsion of a member - Subject to giving a member an opportunity to be heard or to make a written submission, the Executive Committee may recommend the expulsion a member upon a charge of misconduct detrimental to the interests of the Club, USASA, or the University of South Australia.
  1. Executive Committee of the Club
  1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management and control of the funds and other property of the Club.
  2. Office Bearers
    1. All Office Bearers must be current UniSA Students.
    2. The President- shall be responsible for chairing all meetings of the Club and the Executive Committee. The President shall also be the spokesperson for the Club.
    3. The Secretary- shall be responsible for minuting all meetings of the Club and maintaining the membership list (the name and student number (where applicable), & email address).
    4. The Treasurer- shall be responsible for maintaining the Club’s financial accounts.
    5. The Prayer Secretary- shall be responsible for organising, facilitating and encouraging prayer among club members, especially with club aims in view.
  3. The Executive Committee shall comprise of all Office Bearers and 2 General Members.
  4. The positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary, Prayer Secretary and General Members on the Executive Committee shall be chosen at the Annual General Meeting for a 1 year term of office.
  5. The President and the Treasurer shall be the designated signing officers of the Club.
  6. The Executive Committee shall meet a minimum of 2 times per year.
  7. Meetings are open to all Club members and a minimum of three Executive Committee members, of which two must be Officer Bearers, must be present to establish quorum.
  8. < > Committee members must provide written notice of resignation.In the event of a mid-term Executive Committee vacancy, a special general meeting will be called to elect a new Executive Committee member.
    1. In the event that there are no current Executive Committee Members, USASA shall be empowered to appoint an interim Executive Committee so that a Special General Meeting may be called.
  9. Disqualification of Executive Committee Members
    The office of an Executive Committee Member shall become vacant if an Executive Committee Member is: expelled as a member under these rules; resigns as a member of the club; or fails to attend three (3) Executive Committee meetings without a leave of absence granted by the Executive Committee.
  10. General meetings
    1. A quorum for a General Meeting of the Club shall be a minimum of six members of the Club or 10% of the Club membership whichever is the larger number of club members, of which 3 must be members of the Executive Committee.
    2. Annual General Meetings
      1. Annual General Meetings will be held each year.
      2. Seven days notice shall be given to members for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM). The notice shall set out where and when the meeting will be held, and particulars of the nature and order of the business to be transacted at the meeting.
      3. Seven days notice of an AGM or SGM must also be given to USASA.
      4. Each current Office Bearer is required to submit a written report to the AGM.
      5. Elections for Office Bearers will occur at each AGM or as required to fill a mid-term Executive Committee vacancy.
      6. Voting in elections will be by secret ballot.
      7. Voting will be conducted by the preferential counting system and will be overseen by the Returning Officer.
    3. All minutes from an AGM or SGM must be registered with the USASA Clubs & Events Committee within 10 business days.
  11. Club Finances
    1. The Club will maintain all funds in a USASA sub account.
    2. The President and Treasurer will be the signatories on the Club Bank account.
    3. The Club must update signatories on the Club’s bank yearly after the AGM.
    4. Prohibition against securing profits for member
      The income and capital of the Club shall be applied exclusively to the promotion of its objects and no portion shall be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to members or their associates except as bona fide remuneration of a member for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the Club.
  12. < >< >Winding up
The Club may be wound up upon the special resolution of the Club or a resolution by USASA disaffiliating the Club in accordance with USASA policy.
  1. Application of surplus assets
Upon winding up of the Club, net assets (residual amount after all outstanding expenses are paid) are to be transferred to USASA who will hold these funds in trust until a Club of similar purpose is established.