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UniSA City Evangelical Students

We are a Christian group which welcomes people who know Jesus and those who might have questions about him and the Bible.


We welcome anyone with questions about God, faith and the Bible. Based on all major campus' around Australia, ES is a great way to meet new people at uni and to make great friends. ES runs a variety of regular events on campus with weekly Bible Talks (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 1pm) and Bible Study Groups. We also run two major camps each year: a commencement camp before uni starts, and a week-long camp/conference in the mid-year break which focuses its talks on the Bible. There are also a variety of social events which run throughout the year. We are a non-denominational Christian group which aims to introduce people to Jesus, to encourage students in their personal faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ, to equip students with sound Bible knowledge and help them to apply the Bible in their everyday lives. ES is a member of AFES (the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

Head to the website to find out more about us:

Contact us if you would like to participate in a bible study on the City East or West campus.

Email the club using the email club link above to find out more


Dzintari Latvian Campsite, Willson Drive, Normanville

Whether you are just starting at uni this year or have been around for a while, Commencement Camp is for you! At commencement camp you'll: Experience great teaching from the Bible Meet other Christians Have a heap of fun Think and talk about the big questions of uni and life through small groups, orientation sessions and friendships.

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