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Previous Events

You might be wondering, "What sort of events take place for Women in STEM members?" so here we have supplied a list of previous events conducted for our members. We hope to be able to do these events again with you all in the near future!

Online Networking Event 
In September of 2020, we held an online Networking event via Zoom with 6 different panelists from a variety of different fields.

The event was split up into three different activities; firstly we had a group questionnaire, then we split everyone into break-out rooms of their desired field choice, and lastly received some advice from each of our panelists. Our panelists included:

  •   Megan Nicholson from Entree Recruitment (Human Resources, Recruiter and Consultant)
  •   Monica Fundak from Accenture (Application Development Analyst, Degree in Business - Information Strategy and Management)
  •   David Dahm from Health and Life (Business Adviser, CEO, and Founder, Chartered Accountant)
  •   Alex Avery from Notitia (Director and Co-Founder)
  •   James-Leon Roberts (Executive Aviation Consultant)
  •   Dr Hayley Schultz (Post-Doctoral Researcher in Pharmaceutical Science, UniSA Clinical and Health Sciences)

Networking Event 2020

Quiz Night with the WiSTEMS Club at the University of Adelaide
Collaborating with the University of Adelaide's Women in STEM club was a great experience!

Both the two club members got to meet, luckily just after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves on the night!

The quiz consisted of 8 rounds with the following topics: Technology/Physics/Maths/Engineering, Biology/Chemistry/Geography, World Records, Sports, TV Shows and Movies, Hidden Figures, Cultures and Movies. There were also fun table games: a maths puzzle, UniSA vs UoA, and Prime or Composite.

Our UniSA team came third overall and can be seen in the photos below

Quiz Night
Quiz Night

Engineer Your Career in STEM - Bright Futures Society UniSA Collaboration
Women in STEM collaborated with the Bright Futures Society to bring Engineer Your Career in STEM event to our members.

We were fortunate enough to Luisa Panuccio present to us at the City West Campus and share her engineering journey. 

Luisa provided some great insight and advice to us all, some of the main takeaways were:

  1.    Be confident and always back yourself! We deserve to be where we are because of our capabilities, not because of our gender
  2.    Always say yes to opportunities
  3.    Use what your generation gave you; social media! LinkedIn is a very platform and tool where you can make yourself known to employers and companies before you apply for a role or go for an interview

We wish Luisa all the best in her future endeavors and hope to invite her back to another event in the future

Luisa Panuccio


International Women's Day Morning Tea - March 
Each year the Women in STEM club celebrates International Women's Day with a breakfast held on the Mawson Lakes campus. 

This event allows all of our members to get together and meet in person, as well as meet with some network professionals who are also invited along for the event. Plus who doesn't like a supplied morning tea!

Please keep an eye out for the 2021 event details to come out soon :)

International Womens Day Breakfast