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Women in STEM Networking Series

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Women in STEM Networking Series

This year WinSTEM UniSA held a series of networking events.

This first event was our Professionals in STEM online networking event on September 29th. This event featured six panellists who were all in STEM workplaces including:

  • Luisa Pannucio - Civil Engineer and Project Manager
  • Steph Lamont-Friedrich - Account Manager and Business Development Manager for SA Government and Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG
  • Alana Pyper - Project Manager at Mott MacDonald
  • Sahar Saqeb - Technical Specialist at Microsoft
  • Prerita Mehta - Product Manager at Azure Data
  • Amey Holden - Microsoft Power Platform Technical Architect and director of her own technical consultancy company.

For this event we began with a couple of questions to the panellists as way of introduction and then broke into smaller breakout rooms where attendees could ask their own questions to panellists. This setup gave everyone a chance to talk with the panellists in a smaller, more casual environment. Then at the end of the 2 hours we came back as a group to finish the event.
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The second event in the series was our Life As A Graduate online networking event on October 8th. The panellists for this event were STEM professionals who were in graduate roles or recently had a graduate role. These panellists were

  • Monica Fundak - Application Development Analyst at Accenture
  • Swetha Krishnagopal - Software Engineer at Boeing Defence Australia
  • Vanshika Kapoor - Technical Business Analyst at SA Water
  • Aastha Rawat - Data Analytics Consultant at PWC
  • Maitri Patel - Application Development Analyst at Accenture.

This event ran similar to the previous online networking event but this event was more focused on how to get a graduate position and what it's like to first enter the STEM workforce.
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The third and final event in our networking series was our Let's Network! collaboration event with WINSTEMS from Adelaide University. This event was a face-to-face networking event at the Belgian Beer Cafe with five STEM panellists including

  • Rose Crocker - Programmer and Computational Modeller at Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • Caryn Moseley - Technology Delivery Lead Senior Manager
  • Lesley Ward - Professor of Mathematics at UniSA
  • Teresa Janowski - CEO and Founder of STEM Fast Track.
  • Tiahni Adamson - Wildlife Conservation Biologist

This was a great event gave attendees a chance to not only network with the panellists, but with other industry representatives and with other STEM students from both universities.
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Bethany Caldwell
Secretary of Women in STEM