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Empowering women to be the masters of their own sexual well-being and pleasure. Join us in being the change!


Opaque is an opportunity to change the future for a lot of women at university and eventually for women in the much larger community. Opaque is addressing the unspoken issue of female sexual empowerment. Our intention is for women at university to feel proud, confident and entitled in taking control of their own bodies, sexual health and their future. The club does this by creating a space where women feel empowered and encouraged to discuss sexual health and pleasure. This club will also provide access to resources for education on STI’s and how to best practice safe sex. In this space women can feel sexy and excited about having power over safe sex. Also, engage in conversations they might not have outside of the club. We aim to change the dialogue around female sexual empowerment and what it really means to be prepared for safe sex by breaking down barriers of shame and embarrassment. Our club is showing young women the revolutionary sense of empowerment that comes from taking control of our sexual health, bodies and being the master of our own destiny.