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Australian Youth Climate Coalition


We're committed to getting students involved in the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, an expansive group of young people across the nation making our voices heard for climate justice. We run actions to support current campaigns and get feet on the ground to raise awareness for these issues.

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Below are some pictures of our lovely volunteers campaigning! The pictures are from our Fight for the Bight campaign against oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight. We ended up WINNING this campaign against Equinor who were trying to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight!

This action was a part of the Fight for the Bight campaign at Brighton beach.

Action at Brighton beach as part of the Fight for the Bight campaign

Our campaign involved having conversations with local Members of Parliament. Having these conversations led to our campaign getting being discussed as a Matter of Interest in Parliament and we were invited to sit in the gallery as the campaign was discussed by Irene Pnevmatikos, Labor member of Legislative Council.

Fight for the Bight campaign outside Parliament House