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Second Hand Textbooks

Don't let textbooks send you broke! USASA’s second-hand textbook service sells books on behalf of students. 

Browse the USASA books website* to see if the book you need is in stock! When you buy a book with us, your book and the money directly goes to another student.

Fill in this form (175KB) and drop it at your local USASA Counter to sell your books now.

These terms and conditions outline the agreement between USASA Incorporated ABN 42 435 026 686 and the individual whose details are provided at the time of sale, herein known as “the seller”. By signing the form when submitting books for sale, the seller agrees to the following terms:

1. The sale price of the book(s) may be about 60% of the price of the equivalent new book, however, USASA has the sole discretion to change that price. If the seller does not agree to this pricing policy, they must not complete the drop-off.

2. The seller authorises USASA to sell the seller’s books on their behalf. If the book(s) are sold, USASA will pay the seller the selling price less 15% commission plus GST within 30 days of the book(s) being sold.

3. The books remain the property of the seller until it is sold or returned to seller, however the seller agrees to leave the book(s) with USASA for a minimum of 2 months for USASA to try and sell the book(s;) only then may the book(s) be reclaimed by the seller. If USASA emails the seller to collect the book(s) and after 10 working days the book(s) are not collected the seller forfeits ownership of the book(s) to USASA without compensation.

4. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the payment method selected is appropriate for their situation and you need to keep USASA informed of any changes in your delivery address or payment details as any incorrect details result in a $25 service fee.

5. The seller agrees that they currently own or have the authority to offer the book(s) for sale by USASA. The seller assumes full responsibility for any liability or damage caused if they provide USASA with books that they are not authorised to provide.

6. Where a seller’s book(s) is damaged beyond repair or lost while in possession of USASA, USASA has a grace period of 2 calendar months from the time the book is noticed as lost or damaged to find, repair or replace the book. If the book remains missing or irrevocably damaged after this period, USASA will pay the seller the equivalent of the amount that they would have received had the book sold.

7. The seller agrees to use the USASABooks current second-hand textbook service within the guidelines specified here, and on the USASA website. 8. Noncurrent issue book(s) are NOT accepted; if inadvertently dropped off such book(s) the seller will be emailed to collect them and if in10 working days the book(s) are not collected the seller forfeits ownership of the book(s) to USASA without compensation.

*This link will take you to a different site. Your account on the USASA BOOKS website is different from your account on this MAIN USASA website. You will need to create separate accounts for each website. These systems are running separately while web developments continue. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Zookal is a company external to USASA and offers textbook rentals and sales up to 70% below the RRP.

Zookal rentals or purchases can be delivered directly to your home or delivered to any USASA counter for you to collect.

Zookal offer:
• FREE Shipping and returns*
• Lowest Price Guarantee**
• Textbook stock for all Australian Universities

If you would like your Zookal order delivered to a USASA counter, simply enter a USASA campus counter mailing address as your delivery address and then collect the book when you receive the email from Zookal confirming your order is ready.
When you receive an email from Zookal advising your book is ready for collection, please collect only after 2pm the next day to allow time for the University's mail service to deliver your book to the counter. Rental returns can also be made through the USASA counter.

Counter Mailing Address:

GPO Box 2471

GPO Box 2471

GPO Box 2471

GPO Box 2471

*Free shipping to NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and SA on all orders. Min cost for free delivery is $50.00, otherwise, a $6.50 fee is applied. Free return shipping on all textbook rentals in all locations. **The textbook must be from an Australian bookstore/online retailer and must be both in stock at Zookal and in stock at the comparison Australian bookstore/online retailer. This information was correct at the time it was provided to USASA and may change at any time.

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