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Freshers Party


Freshers Party

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Freshers Party pre-purcahse tickets

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Hey guys! Guess what's new in Adelaide?
We the Isasa are throwing you guys a freshers night!
It's for all those who didn't get to attend a freshers party! So all you guys seniors juniors and newbies in town. Put on your best looking attire and get those dance shoes on And come join us for a night full of fun and frolic. 

It doesn't end there! The best dressed gets to win a prize along with a lot of other interesting gifts and prizes to be won. 

Don't worry you guys you won't be bored at all cause we have the best dj spinning his best tracks and fun games and of course booze!

This is an amazing opportunity to meet people from your own course, get to know about your home for the next few years and make new friends and meet new people!

So what are you waiting for guyssss, start booking your early bird passes!

You can contact any committee member for tickets or contact ISASA at our email or at our Facebook page.
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