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243 Hindley Agency

243 Hindley is a student-run Advertising and PR agency that gives students real-world experience, with real clients, real budgets and real timelines, providing professional-quality work to local businesses. Join us, we'll get in touch with you :)



243 Hindley is a non-profit student-run agency that works like a real advertising and PR agency and provides the student community with internships. Members are divided into groups and paired with an organisation that needs help with public relations, advertising and marketing. For an entire semester, students are put in charge of their clients’ communication strategies, taking on the roles of account executives, event planners, social media specialists, content writers, market researchers, web or graphics designers, and more. Small and Local businesses are prioritised in the choice of clients.

The primary appeal of the 243 Hindley curriculum for students is that they gain real-world experience unlike anything that can result from a traditional classroom experience. Students working in this environment have to mentor each other and learn to engage in "reverse mentoring" whereby they typically have more experience and knowledge of communication than their clients - so they must educate the clients. Development of time management and teamwork skills necessary. Students must collaborate to produce work that satisfies the client and the 243 Hindley agency leadership committee. The work must be academically appropriate and professionally relevant. This balance of responsibilities and oversight makes the 243 Hindley curriculum an ideal learning experience and preparation for the professional workplace.