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Ant Nature Collective

Exploring, visiting, studying and identifying ants in a fun environment.


This club is for people interested in insects, especially ants, current or future ant keepers or anyone interested in studying/watching the life of a very underestimated species.

The club promotes sustainable ant culturing and studying of ants at all levels. Club activities include: SA museum visits to see collections and speak with Terrestrial Invertebrates (Entomology) expert on ants, observing Nuptial Flights and going out in nature to observe ants, study habitats and engage with communities, closer looks/visits to ant keepers in Adelaide. discussing all things ants and ant nest constructions/ideas.

Two main objectives of the club:
1. To promote enjoyable experiences though engaging activities in outdoor and indoor settings with club members to share information and have some fun.
2. Provide scientific data gathered from the club to the global community as little is know about culturing ants and some species are not identified in Australia.